Embryos for Sale

Olmar Silver Berrie VG 88


2 - Berrie x Unix Sexed

2-00 2x 365da 27,642M 4.0% 1118 3.4% 928

Berrie is a potential 12th generation EX 

Reg# 840003128912454

Olmar Durham Belinda ET


5 - Belinda x Doorman Sexed

Doorman x Durham x Goldwyn Ex 94 x Morty Ex 93 x Marty 4E 92 x Emory 3E 91

Reg # 840003141796740

Olmar Goldwyn Belinda


Excellent 94 dam to Olmar Durham Belinda

Lost as she was hitting her prime, her DNA is available to clone.

Olmar Yoder Boppi VG 87


6 - Boppi x Dante Sexed

From the highly contracted Baby Bumble family who has bulls in AI on 3 continents.

Reg# 840003128912526

Olmar KingRoyal Bopper ET


4 - Bopper x Solution Sexed

An eye catching, yearling daughter of Boppi with tons of style.

Reg# 840003141796783

Olmar KingRoyal B Bops ET


4 - B Bops x Blue Devil

Pictured is Olmar Lynch Baby Bumble EX 93

Matriarch of the Baby Family.

B Bops is a strong, fancy dtr of Boppi with tons of potential to make a great brood cow

Reg# 840003128912411