Olmar Elevation Dazzling Star 5E EX- 94 GMD

Olmar Oman Darlyn 2E  EX-90 GMD DOM

7-00 286d 35,120 3.5% 1212 2.7% 958

Dam:  Olmar Durham Dazzler  EX-91 2E (Grand Daughter of Dazzling Star)

Darlyn was our first cow to produce over 100# in one milking on 2x/day milking. She scored Excellent just minutes after our classifier commented that he had never scored an EX Oman.

Darlyn is the Dam of Olmar Jeeves Dare 29H14544

+3.7DPR - ranked 2nd in Breed (1st for bulls over 2000 TPI)
+6.2 PL - Ranked 25th in Breed (In top 20 for bulls over 2000TPI)

Dare is a solid bull in all aspects of breeding (Plus in all type and Production traits) and is a breed leader in DPR, PL and Sire Fertility. We have used him extensively for hard breeders and have settled many cows on their last chance breeding.

Dare has 2 full sisters scored 87 and 83. His maternal sisters are scored EX- 90 by Toystory, VG87 by Racer, VG 85 by Laramee and VG 85 by Watchout

Olmar Baxter Dina-TW 2E EX- 93- Great Grand daughter of Dazzling Star

Dam:  Olmar Commander Starlette
GDam:  Olmar Chief Starlette

Dazzling Star was the Grand Champion MN State Fair 1991

7th Generation EX or VG and 5th Generation GMD

Dazzling Star was the Star of Olmar for many years after winning Champion at the MN State Fair. She leaves her legacy on the many descendants remaining in the herd. She had 8 daughters whose scores range from 86 to 92.