About Olmar Farms

Where Tradition Directs the Future

Olmar Farms has been home to Registered Holsteins for over 70 years. We use traditional, common sense matings that will produce the kind of cows that will meet today’s demands.

It is our goal to breed beautiful, balanced, profitable cows. Profitability is not measured in one lactation. At Olmar Farms we have always held on to the belief that if one cow can score EX and produce over 30,000 milk or 1100 fat and last several lactations, then why can’t an entire herd. Currently, our herd has a lactation average near 30,000 and has many cows in their 5th or higher lactation.

All but a few cows in the herd trace back to 3 cows purchased in the early years of this farm. The Betty’s, Star’s and Bunny’s are all from the Barbara Family. This family boasts numerous All-MN winners, All-American nominees and high scoring cows. High production and longevity make these cows profitable. Currently, well over half of the herd descends from that original purchase. The Faith family has fostered many record setting cows through the years. This line has stood the test of time with high production and tremendous dairy strength.

Olmar Farms is a Phase 4 Johnes Free herd. We sell breeding bulls throughout the Midwest from our top cow families and currently have a great selection of bulls to choose from.

Stop by for a visit if you are in the area – we are located on US Hwy 14, 1/2 mile East of Sleepy Eye,